Welcome To The Living Room

We believe in living a life that feels joyful and nourishing.

The Living Room Community

We are two sisters, walking a path of expanding consciousness - and we want you to join us.

We believe in living a life that feels joyful and nourishing.

Our experiential learning programs and free conscious community are designed to root us into our hearts and our senses. 

We teach courses and classes about consciousness and awareness, and we offer a variety of ways to access your most nourishing and joyful life: meditation, relationship skills, sacred ecology, and more.

Join our heartfelt community today.

About Us

Valerie (she/her) is a movement and meditation guide, an aspiring community herbalist, and a mama to three fur babies. When she's not teaching classes, you can find her in the woods with her dog and husband, meeting interesting plants and listening to the wind.

Melody Jo is a spiritual entrepreneur, an energy worker, and a dedicated mother.  She watches her children play and is reminded of the simple joys of childhood.  How do we discover more freedom to explore and adventure together during this adult life?

We have a vision of people gathering together, sharing the stories, practices, and experiences that make us who we are.

The time for that connection is now.

Although we'd love to welcome everyone to our actual living rooms, we've realized that growing a virtual community means we get to connect with people from across the world. What a great opportunity!


The Living Room is hosted on Native land. Although this is a virtual community, we are hosted from Maryland and Colorado (U.S.) on the tribal land of the Piscataway people (MD) and the Ute people (CO). 

To learn more about the Native land that you live on, you are invited to explore this map and toolkit. To learn more about "honor tax" as payment for your presence, click here.

We lovingly affirm the following:

Black Lives Matter. 
Trans and LGBTQ+ rights are essential. 
Indigenous sovereignty must be honored. 
Women and people with a uterus own their bodies and their choices.
White privilege and systemic racism exist and must be dismantled.

By requesting to join this group, you agree to unconditionally honor and love your fellow humans (and all beings on the planet).

We welcome all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and other qualities/identities that make us who we are. 

All words spoken and written here should be offered in a loving and welcoming manner. Hate speech and intolerance will not be accepted.

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